21 Mar 2013

European medieval costumes - couple 2

European medieval costumes - male and female Period: Medieval Europe (Italy, France) Size of each image: 52cm x 62cm

New textile art for kids - 2

Two new images of textile art for kids. Each image is 40cm x 52cm, framed. FOR SALE

31 Jan 2013

French costumes - couple

These 2 French costumes are from Medieval period, 18th century. These 2 costumes, both male and female, are a couple and can go as separate, but they look better as couple with the same style and background. FOR SALE (separate or both)

9 Jan 2013

Italian theatre costume

This is italian theatre costume, from "Commedia dell'arte" theatre. Character is "Il Dottore Baloardo" FOR SALE

French costume - period of Loius XIV

This is French costume from the period of Loius XIV

25 Dec 2012

French costume - year 1732

French costume, period 1732. Size of image: 42cm x 55cm, image is framed. FOR SALE

19 Dec 2012

Spanish bullfighter

Costume of spanish bullfighter, image finished. Size of the image 44cm x 52cm, image is framed. FOR SALE

English costume - 1730

English costume from the perido of 1730. Size of the image: 32cm x 58cm. Image is framed. FOR SALE

25 Nov 2012

Spanish dress from CIUDAD REAL

Dress from CIUDAD REAL, Spain. FOR SALE

Dress from period 1770-1780

This dress if from period 1770-1780. It is quite flamboyant but characteristic for this period and for court dressing. Size of the image is 50cm x 60cm, combination of textile, hand coloured textile, crayons..

24 Nov 2012

Russian costumes - Sarafan

These are the russian costumes "Sarafan", size of images is 27cm x 52cm, all of them are FOR SALE. All 3 images are framed.
Please contact me on my mail for further information: milosmikica08@gmail.com

New framed images

These are new framed images: This one is Spanish costume from Caceres. Technique used for this image is mixture of textile, hand colouring textile and crayons. Dimension of the image is 40cm x 53cm It is FOR SALE. Please contact me on email for further information, on milosmikica08@gmail.com

9 Apr 2012


Dear friends and visitors,

blog is under construction. During construction of the web page, here are presented some examples of textile art:
All images are done using various textiles, cloth, glue, textile paints, crayons... All details on textile are hand painted. Images are done according to the original costumes.